Why Buy Cheap Junk ... when you can Rent the Best?



If you need a flow meter on your next job, ask yourself this...... Should I buy a sub-standard cheap flow meter with questionable credentials, OR, should I Rent the Best flowmeter in the world?

A good Dual Mode, Dual Channel, Portable, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter should cost you >$5,000, and will take a bunch of weeks to arrive. If you find one cheaper on the internet, it is undoubtedly of questionable reliability and credentials.

Unless you use your flowmeter a couple of times per week, the advantage of renting a good flowmeter far outweighs purchasing a cheap meter that someone has convinced you "should" work for your application. If you rent a product from us, you’ll know exactly which product you’ll be receiving, and can rest assured the meter is one of the finest in the world, and is in perfect condition.

Here’s some of the advantages of renting from FlowRental:

  • Exactly the right tool will be delivered to your jobsite via the shipper of your choice 
  • Every flowmeter will be inspected, sanitized, and maintained prior to shipping
  • Instant telephone access to experienced flow surveyors who have seen your problem many times before.
  • Rent by the day, on a company PO or Credit Card.
  • 5 day weeks, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are free
  • Simplified Rental Agreement Form

If you have questions please give us a call at:

866-337-4356 or 717-514-4952