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If you’d like us to ship a Flexim F601 Flow Meter into Canada …..

We’ve shipped HUNDREDS of our powerful Flexim F601 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters into Canada.

We have TONs of experience with both Canada Customs and Duties and GST.

We’ll ship a meter directly to your job site, via FedEx International Express Overnight, with all the Customs/Duties and GST paperwork you’ll need to easily import and return our meter, with minimum cost and effort.

Unless your job site is extremely remote, we can usually have a meter sitting on your desk tomorrow morning.

If it takes additional days for the meter to arrive, we won’t charge for delays caused by Customs/Duties or GST.

 Customs …..

 We highly recommend you employ the services of a local Canadian Customs Agent to prepare your inbound Customs paperwork. FlowRental will deal directly with your Agent by providing them with Pro-Forma documents for both Importation and Exportation, thereby reducing your involvement and expense.

If you don’t already have a preferred Customs Agent, we’ve found that FedEx International provides this service at a very reasonable rate, on all their free shipping accounts. They’ll have the inbound Customs paperwork complete before their plane touches down in Canada, greatly reducing paperwork and delivery time.

 Duties …..

 All our meters cross the Canada/USA border “Duty Free” under Harmonizing Code #9026.10.20.40

You will NOT be charged “Duties” by anyone.

 GST …..

 Canadian “Goods and Services Tax” insists you pay GST on the “Replacement Cost” of the meter when it enters Canada. Don’t bother arguing with them, we’ve tried hundreds of times; you won’t win. However, this is not as horrible as it sounds.

When you ship the meter back to us, those fine people at GST will issue you a “credit” for the same amount they charged you for inbound, just a couple of days earlier. The outbound GST Credit cancels the inbound GST charge, and you end up owing zero GST.

All this paper shuffling will be handled by FlowRental and your preferred Canadian Customs Agent, or directly with your FedEx account. Either way, it happens without additional cost or your time. Just a bunch of unnecessary government paperwork.

If you have a preferred Customs Agent, FlowRental will provide them with detailed inbound and outbound documentation that will make their life easy and cost nearly nothing.

Download, complete and return our Rental Agreement Form, and we'll have a solution sitting on your desk tomorrow morning.

If you have any questions, please call our North American Headquarters at our toll free telephone number 866-337-4356, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll have one of the worlds most powerful flow meter solution sitting on your desk tomorrow morning.